Pools & Recreation


Recreation Area

It includes saltwater pools, a football pitch, tennis courts, a volleyball court, a children’s playground and pedal boats for lake rides.


Outdoor swimming pool with salty water, for adults and children

The pool with a depth of approximately 1.40 m, with salty water (from the well dug at great depth) with multiple benefits for the skin, as well as a children’s pool with a depth of 40 cm and water attractions are available in the summer season.

  • Open: 10 am to 10 pm (in the summer season);
  • Adult pool area: 800 Sq m;
  • Children’s pool area: 200 Sq m;
  • Adult pool depth: 1.4 – 1.7 m;
  • Children’s pool depth: 0.4m;
  • Hydromassage;
  • Sunbeds;
  • Restaurant;
  • Bar;
  • Playground.


  • It is forbidden to enter the premises with drinks and food from outside;
  • The access of people under the influence of alcohol, with a repulsive appearance or in dirty clothes is forbidden;
  • Access to the pool with wounds, dermatitis, dermatoses or transmissible diseases is prohibited;
  • Customers are required to use towels when using sunbeds;
  • You must shower before entering the pool;
  • Access to the pool is allowed only in bathing suit;
  • Pets are not allowed;
  • We are not responsible for personal belongings left on the beach and those forgotten or lost;
  • Jumping, running and reckless playing on the edge of the pool are not allowed. It is forbidden to push people into the water. We do not take responsibility for any accidents or health problems for these reasons;
  • Children under the age of 10 have access to the swimming pool or playground supervised by their parents. We do not take responsibility for injuries;
  • Please respect the staff and do not damage the goods;
  • Persons who violate this regulation will be evacuated;
  • We do not assume liability for non-compliance with the Regulation and do not award compensation in the event of accidents or damage.

Failure to comply with the above obligations will result in the application of warnings and sanctions:

  • in violation of the rules of hygiene, order and cleanliness, the customer will be verbally warned following that the repetitive violation of the rules will lead to the cancellation of the ticket and the prohibition of access;
  • in the event of damage or defective exploitation of the endowment goods, the guilty persons will bear the damage caused.


Leisure and sports base

Practicing sports is a lifestyle. Physical activity helps relax the mind and tone the muscles. In addition, practicing a team sport offers not only physical and emotional benefits but also social, bringing people together. The 3 tennis courts and the synthetic football pitch have night lighting.

  • Open: 10 am – 10 pm;



Our little guests enjoy an outdoor playground with plenty of slides and swings, as well as pedal boats for lake rides.


  • Children up to 10 years old are allowed on the playground only under supervision. The people supervising are directly responsible for the children actions;
  • The use of equipment by supervisors is prohibited, and children are allowed only under the supervision of a companion;
  • The equipment will be used only in accordance with the age limit of maximum 10 years, 1.4 meters height and 35 kg maximum weight . Access is allowed only if the child you are accompanying falls within those limits;
  • It is forbidden to use the equipment in a bathing suit; children must be dressed in order to be able to use equipment otherwise there is a risk of injuries – for example when they get on the slide they can get hurt, etc .;
  • Attention: make sure that the plastic equipment is not hot during the summer; we recommend that you use the equipment until 12 noon or after 5:30pm;
  • Climbing stairs is not allowed for several children at the same time;
  • In the slides area, it is forbidden to climb in the opposite direction or standing, they must be used only for descending, with the feet forward and in the sitting position;
  • Only one child can slide at a time, and after the descent the arrival area must be cleared to avoid hitting another person;
  • When using swings, the sitting position is indicated. Please make sure that the swing is completely stopped when getting off;
  • The children’s companions assume the responsibility of paying the value of the damages caused by the children inside the playground;
  • It is forbidden to use the equipment in bad weather conditions: rain, strong wind, fog, ice, snow;
  • Overcrowding the equipment is prohibited. It could cause accidents;
  • It is forbidden to stay in the safety zone of the equipments;
  • It is forbidden to push other children, as well as throwing stones, household or metal debris;
  • The access of drunk adults or under the influence of drugs, people with mental illness or violent behavior is forbidden. Also, access with alcoholic drinks or narcotics is not allowed, and smoking is strictly forbidden in the playground area.

Please follow the instructions above. These are made for the safety of your child. Plaza Lake reserves the right to deny access to non-compliant persons. Any subsequent claim for breach of the above-mentioned Plaza Lake rules will not be considered and cannot have legal effect.


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