Lake and Trout Farm



Fishing enthusiasts have two lakes for fishing, populated with beautiful specimens of carp and crucian carp. The lakes cover an area of about 8ha of water, a perfect place for an outing in nature. We also cook the tastiest fish, prepared according to our own recipes. Soon, we will open a restaurant with fresh fish.

  • Lake area: 76,000 Sq m;
  • Depth: 1 – 3 m;
  • Fish: carp, crucian, phytophagous.


Access to the lake shall be made after this Regulation has been notified and accepted by the fisherman and after he has paid the fishing fee to the BAR.

  • Fishing schedule: 7am – 7pm;
  • Plaza Lake only allows Catch & Release daytime fishing;
  • The lake administrator issues the fishing voucher for the amount of 30 lei after you accept this regulation. Under this fishing fee, a fisherman may fish with a maximum of 3 rods / rods equipped with a single hook;
  • The fisherman has the obligation to release the fish as soon as it has been caught;
  • The fisherman has the possibility to retain a maximum quantity of 3 kg of fish which he pays at the price: Carp – 20 lei / kg, Caras – 10 lei / kg;
  • Species allowed for retention: CARP, CRUCIAN, AMUR (COSAŞ CARP) between 1 and 3 Kg;
  • The retained fish will be paid at the prices mentioned above;
  • Fishing is only allowed in specially arranged and delimited areas, and cars will be parked in the parking lot. Parking cars on the lake shore is prohibited;
  • Carp and Amur (under 1 kg), as well as Catfish and Pike-perch are released immediately and unconditionally. For each specimen found on the fisherman, an additional fee of 50 RON will be paid !;
  • Species prohibited from fishing: PIKE-PERCH, CATFISH, CHINESE CARP (PHYTOPHAGUS). They will be released immediately after they are caught. Persons who hide or retain fish from these categories of species prohibited for fishing, will be punished according to the law (the deed is considered theft). This automatically results in the loss of the right to fish;
  • Fishermen must be equipped with a roughener (tools to remove the hook from the fish’s mouth), a textile net, a receiving mattress, a disinfectant spray, a fish landing net, metal supports for rods (ATTENTION: Wooden supports are forbidden!);
  • It is forbidden for companions to fish;
  • The fisherman’s companions are not allowed to use the fisherman’s tools. Exception: fish landing net;
  • People who carry out sport fishing activities have the obligation to present to the control persons the fishing voucher, the quantity of fish they want to retain, as well as the utensils and their equipment;
  • Open fire inside the resort (grill, barbeque) is forbidden;
  • Poaching is prohibited, as well as other methods that fall under Law no. 192-2001 with the subsequent completions and modifications, as well as the fishing with tools or instruments that are not accepted according to the law that being part of the category intended for sport-recreational fishing;
  • Sport fishermen and their companions have the obligation to behave in a spirit of mutual respect throughout their stay in the perimeter of the fish pond (it is forbidden to listen to music), to keep clean and to take all measures to prevent any event with negative consequences, land degradation, alteration of the water quality in the basin by throwing waste / scrap, etc.;
  • Fishermen have the obligation to maintain the fishing place by collecting all waste and household waste in bags, which are picked up by the fisherman at the end of the fishing trip;
  • Persons who do not comply with the above points will be excluded from the lake, and the fish caught by that time will be released;
  • According to Law 192/2001, the control and sanctioning of contraventions is done by the company’s staff and the police. In case of non-compliance with the regulation, the tools and any other goods that were used to commit the deed are confiscated;
  • In the fishing area BATHING IS FORBIDDEN !;
  • Fishermen are required to present their identity document and sign the agreement for the fishing regulations;
  • Fishermen who fish large catches will be filmed (photographed) and posted on the company’s website. (;
  • SC Parc Ștrand Impex SRL reserves the right to select its customers.

Failure to comply with the above obligations will result in the application of warnings and sanctions:

  • in violation of the rules of hygiene, order and cleanliness, the customer will be verbally warned following that the repetitive violation of the rules will lead to the cancellation of the ticket and the prohibition of access;
  • in the event of damage or defective exploitation of the endowment goods, the established guilty persons will bear the damage caused.


Rojişte Trout Farm

The location has 14 trout farming ponds with an annual production of about 12 tons of rainbow trout, incubation area, fish processing facilities (deboning, filleting, smoking, etc.) and a fish restaurant (since 2021).

With patience and fishing rods, anyone who visits our resort can get to know the trout in our pools!


Our resort also provides: